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Swing Low

Well, I'm new to this community--Hello, everyone!--and thought I would participate instead of just lurking, so here's my first contribution.  It's a very short (drabble-length) Gundam Wing story that I wrote as part of a prompt challenge.  The prompt is swing, the character Relena.  (Come now, don't pass it up just because it's about Relena.)


Disclaimer: Bandai, Sotsu Agency and Sunrise own Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. I do not. This is just for your entertainment and my need to brush up on my writing skills.

A/N: This is the first in the "20 Word Mix" prompt challenge from Lelandra from one of my Gaia Online Guilds. The prompt word is "swing." I'm not entirely sure how it ended up being about Relena, but there you have it! Comments and critiques are always welcome.

-Swing Low-

The subtle squeak of an unoiled chain somehow found its way through the solid pane of clear glass and to the ears of the young lady seated primly next to the window. Relena Peacecraft placed a hand over her burning stomach, swallowed the bile at the back of her throat and resumed study of the document before her. The proposal was concentrated nonsense that had only been conceived in an attempt to distract her with all its whereins and wherewithals. It was just short of qualifying as finely worded gibberish that had already gotten the approval of the World Council. And it was bad news for the people of Earth and the Colonies alike. She just couldn't figure out how to convince the forty-eight people of the Council that it was.

She set herself in an attempt to break down the lawyerspeak of a single paragraph when the squeal cut back in on her concentration, making her realize that her eyes were now strained to the point that she was unable to focus the words properly. She set the stack of folders on the plush of the red cushion to her left and then turned toward the persistent sound.

No too far past the window, she spotted a gold and orange maple tree sprouting a crude swing made of chain and a steel bar and perched upon the bar as if she were a songbird was a small girl in a lilac smock. Feet firmly planted on the bar and knees bent almost to her chin, the lilac songbird still managed to keep her swing at a high even arc. The squealing took on a rhythm that calmed the shrill sound to a relaxing creak. Each swing up was followed by a split second of paused silence that was followed by a lively descent that was then transformed into the up swing again. Relena could not pull herself from the endless cycle of calm. She fell into its warm embrace and all of her anxieties were temporarily banished. She felt refreshed and relaxed all at the same time and when the door opened she felt ready to face the council. She was capable and confident and able.

She stood to follow the page into the council chamber and then turned to catch one last glimpse of the songbird's mesmerizing dance. She was gone, the tree empty of everything but its autumn leaves. It wasn't possible...

"Miss Peacecraft? This way, if you will?" the escort prompted.

Relena readjusted her shoulders, collected her folders and nodded. "Lead the way, sir. I am ready."

- End -


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